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Jennifer Dahl

 Business Coach

My name is Jennifer Dahl and I have over 20 years of Career and Business Coaching experience. My background is in mental health counseling and vocational rehabilitation.  Being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor gives me a unique perspective to helping you achieve your goals.

My Background

Manager of a movie theatre during graduate school
Executive Assistant in several companies
Non-profit day treatment manager
Contracting with Department of Veteran Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation
Private practice group practitioner
Successful private practice business offering individual and group counseling
Career and Business Coaching business 

I want to help you not repeat the mistakes I made:

   •    Having a group practice hold back money purposely (thousands of dollars)
   •    Hiring a biller and spent over $10,000 a year (she was recommended by a psychiatrist friend, and I didn’t know any better)
   •    Not knowing which systems to use in my practice
   •    Having to try and develop my intake forms on my own
   •    Thinking with a scarcity mentality instead of an abundance mentality
   •    Letting imposter syndrome in
   •    Not having a niche
   •    Being anxious each week if people will cancel or I’ll have enough people on my schedule
   •    Not knowing how to advertise and being scared to network
   •    Allowing fear to paralyze me
   •    And more …

I will coach you, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did even with my business background.  I will help you have a six-figure private practice easily.

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